I need help with integrating all forms

Discussion in 'Logistics Script' started by Montage promotions, Dec 14, 2013.

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    Nov 3, 2013
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    London, United Kingdom
    Do anyone know how to set up the request form to enable admin and user receive copy of the quote?
    also need help with integrating forms and membership pages
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    Aug 21, 2011
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    You are free to make any kinds of changes of your dynamic costume forms (f.e registration form , mail to friend , contact us etc) as you like through Administration area. For example, to customize your registration form, please Log on to following sequence :

    For editing Registration form Log on to : Admin => Site => Manage Custom(s) Form => Find Partner's Registration => Click on Edit from the right. Please find the below steps for more details :

    01 => Login to Admin => Site => Manage Custom Forms
    02 => Find the Form called "Partner's Registration"
    03 => Hit the edit icon and go to Tab #4 at Field(s) Information
    04 => Go over the each field and make the change as you wish.

    For editing Email To Friend form Log on to : => Admin => Site => Manage Customer Form => Find Partner's Registration => Click on Edit from the right.
    so on....

    Here, you can manage and customize all custom forms including registration form. You are given an option to customize the form and its fields, therefore to make change on fields & it's attributes , going at Tab #4 to make changes.

    Caution :
    Before making the change a forms and it's flied , please apply extreme cautious for editing fields and it's structure. Please make sure you know what change you are going to make and having a basic HTML knowledge will be added extra benefit.

    Furthermore we do allow adding or managing custom dynamic web form which can be affixed with menu or listing as your business demand.

    Please visit http://www.httpsdoc.com/32/ to know more in details.

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